2012, June 30th Campfire

In a blink of an eye, it’s time for our troop’s annual campfire. This year, the weather was great and most importantly there was no Rain! So the campfire was at the school terrace this time with a real hot Campfire. Some guests were very punctual on time than we expected. In fact, they were too punctual and can be regarded as too early when the sun is still up. This year, we even have the honor to have guests from Singapore and Hong Kong. We also had many commissioners from the District and State level attending this event.

Scouts too excited for the campfire I assume that’s why they came early.

Of course, as per 10th KL tradition, we started the campfire the usual way we do. It was carried out by the boy scouts and the seniors with 4 torch bearers.

One of the torch bearers.

And of course the boy scouts performed their Maori Stick Dance and Zulu Dance which have already made the crowd excited even before performing because of their “revealing outfits”. Then the seniors came with their intense performance of their Maori War Chant – Hakka.

Seniors’ Maori War Chant – Hakka performance.

Of course like every event, everything comes to an end eventually. We ended the campfire with the Scouting Friendship song and Taps. Then all went home after clean-up and all went well and safe.


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2012, May 26th-29th Frasers Hill Camp

On the 26th to 29th of May, we had our group camp at Frasers Hill where we had shelter at the usual SJK(C) Bukit Fraser. We have been there many years and it has sort of become a place where we must have a camp every year. The main purpose of the camp this time was to prepare for the coming Campfire which is on the 30th of June 2012. All sections were involved and we had practices throughout the camp. Of course we had some small hikes around the trails in Frasers Hill but we didn’t challenge the Pine Tree Hills this time due to time restriction.

Group Photo at Hemmant Trail
Group Photo at Hemmant Trail


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2012, March 10th-12th Ulu Yam Camp

On 10th to 12th of March 2012, we had a group camp in Ulu Yam where we usually have. It has been awhile since we had a group camp and the last one we had was 3 years ago in Pulau Sibu. It took alot of effort from the Group committees and scouters to organize and teach the boys how to prepare and hold a group camp when it’s their first time having a group camp.

The camp was divided into 2 campsites which are made up of a a combination of Seniors and Boy Scouts in each group. The purpose of this was for the seniors to teach the boy scouts leadership skills and also other scout skills throughout the camp. All food must be cooked using backwoods which means Everything that they’ll eat must be cooked using Firewood but not the stove. However , Rice and soup for both campsites can be cooked using a centralized stove.

Semi-Backwoods cooking

This time the Rovers even did a special menu for Backwoods which they named “Dirty Chicken” because it was a combination of baked chicken and Beggars’ chicken. They baked it with a self made oven using bamboos and aluminium foil for 5 hours and then covered it with mud and then the chicken was thrown into ember. It was even specially marinated with a special ingredient thanks to our Dear Scouters.

Dirty Chicken

Other than that, it was a usual camp for our boys to learn.

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2011, October 29th – Campfire

On the 29th of October 2011, the group had their annual campfire. This time the campfire had slight changes, we decided to go eco-friendly. Therefore, our campfire was held in the school hall with no fire, but a campfire made out of light bulbs that shined through the night.


Well, before the campfire started, it would be bad to leave our guests who arrived earlier bored waiting. Therefore, we gave them a tour to our scout den. Many scouts from other schools aren’t as fortunate as us to have our own scout den in the school so it was an eye opener for them.

Scouts from other schools looking around the photos in the den.

As soon as all the guests arrived, the campfire started. It was one of the first campfire with so many attendance from other schools. There were scouts and also girl guides who were invited. We started our campfire according to tradition like how we always did every year. Then, the performance started. As usual, the seniors performed the Hakka dance and the boy scouts performed the Zulu and Stick dance which they’ve been practicing for weeks. Great response were given by the crowd and some old scouts complimented the seniors for their spirit in the Hakka dance.

Arahi... Araho... Araha!!

After that, we sang scout songs, had fun with some games, and as usual, time flies when you’re happy. It’s time to go home. Many of our boys made new friends through this campfire and they were reluctant to bid farewell.

Some happy ones took a small group photo before leaving.

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2011, July 15th – 10th KL Day dinner

On the 15th of July, we had our annual dinner in Stadium Chin Woo Kuala Lumpur, together with it, a tribute and a remembrance to our late Mr Liu Kwai Choong.

Seniors Preparing for Hakka Dance

The honour of being the emceee was solely the Rover Mate’s, Mr Mock Kar Wai. The dinner started at 8 o’clock and the seats were fully occupied. A slideshow showing the general timeline of recent events was played.

Kingsley Performing Scout Songs

We performed two trademark shows such as the Maori war chant by the seniors and the Zulu dance by the Boy Scouts. Later on, Mr. Gary introduced to those present our 5 scout cord achievers for both this year and last year Boy Scout and also 5 King Scouts produced last year. The scout cord achievers for 2010 is: Lee Zi Sheng, Chia Bing Xuan, Lim Jun Kit, Ivan Ong and Khoo Wen Qiang; whereas the achievers for scout cord in 2011 is: Jonathan Seow, Kong Jian Fang, Chow Jiun Huei, Goh Lian Hong, Lau Lap Yong and Chan Wooi Yean. For the one who had achieved the King Scout award are: Chooi Fuat Wai, Alvin Kuan, Wu Chu Jing, Boey Jin Wern and Joshua Yon. Mr Gary also gave  a brief talk about the King Scout scheme.

Hei yo Ta E na @ ~
Hakka Chant
Hawaiian Julu
King, Queen and Agong Scouts

Later on, we had a sing along session conducted by Mr.Kingsley. In the end, we sang “Taps” and went our separate ways back home.

Boys Singing Taps

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2011, June 11th – Selayang Paintball Game

Paintball? Yay! Well, it ain’t that simple to begin with. Someone had to take the trouble to organise a group of Rovers who almost always have conflicting schedules. This time, the someone was Mak Aik Lam. Not only that, apparently we even got a deal with the place.

We met at KC Den before leaving for Selayang Mall. Of course, upon arriving and waiting for our turn, we did some catching up with each other, plenty of jokes and laughing around. Our turn finally came and there was a short safety briefing by an insructor. We each got our own body armour and paintball “guns”, or markers.

Game on! First round was a team elimination match, we divided the teams by shirt colours, whites vs darks. After a rather mild exchange of paintball pellets, the round was over (someone kindly comment who won, I have a poor memory). Oh, a bit about the venue. It was in a multi-storey carpark, where a part of it had been fenced using nets and the floor was covered in a layer of sawdust, presumably to reduce impact. Barrels, wooden makeshift walls served as cover.

Secound round was a capture-the-flag round. With haphazard strategy planning, gained through FPS games, we dived straight right in. This was a fierce round, both teams not letting the other take the flag in the middle of the arena. The final round was an epic team death-match. It was a round mainly to expend our excess ammo. Most aggressive round so far, with plenty of “Rambo-ing”. When it ended, we checked for injuries and it was not so bad, with most having bruises and some lacerations.

After much fun and adrenaline, someone brought up supper and ta-da! a spur-of-the-moment trip to Sungai Besi “wan tan mee” to round up the day. Well, for those who can’t make it, there is always next time. The end.

Seniors Camp June 2011

Seniors Camp

School holidays May 2011

The uniforms are clean and  fragrant after 4 days of camp.

Sincere thanks to our elder brothers. Five rovers who took the trouble to drive from Kuala Lumpur. Then walk 700 metres in the middle of the night arriving at 1.00 a.m. in camp and washed our clothes in the river.

2011 May 28 – Saga Hill Hike

The seniors of 10th KL went for a hike at Taman Saga, Ampang. We also invited the scouts from S.M.K Confucian to join us for the hike to deepen the bonding between the two troops.

The entrance

We used public transport including LRT, RapidKL Public bus. This gave a chance to many scouts to try them out as some of them never tried public transport before.

Before we went in

At the starting of the hike all the seniors were saying that this hike would be a piece of cake but as soon as they were in the trail, they started complaining that it was too tiresome. Of course we won’t be just doing physical training just to train, there was a secret reward for them – Waterfall ( MINI ).

In the trail

At 11:38:am, The seniors arrived at the waterfall (Mini). They stripped into their underwear as they weren’t told that they would be going to play in a Waterfall (mini) . They relaxed and rejuvenated their stamina.

Waterfall ( Mini )

Not long after that, it was time to go and the skies were getting dark, not because that it was getting late, but it was going to rain. It started raining heavily when we were only half way back from the waterfall (mini). Everyone was soaked and the journey continues as there were nothing that could be done. Like what Mr. Wan Heng Yuen always say, everyone complains about the weather but no one can do anything about it, We walked on basically like playing a slide. The seniors slide down the slippery trails on their way back and they successfully reached the entrance of the trail safely but some sustained some leech bites. Then, the seniors went back to school.

Five King’s Scouts Produced!

Congratulations to the five 10thKL scouts who made their way to the most prestigious award of the scout training, namely the Anugerah Pengakap Raja (King’s Scout Award).

The King’s Scout Badge Presentation ceremony was held in Templer’s Park, Selangor on the 2nd of May 2011.

King's Scout

Three Yasakas! to all the scouters, scouts, school headmaster, teachers and parents who played a role in the development of the boys.

Another ceremony is expected as the King’s scouts are yet to receive their King’s Scout Certificate.